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Top 10 Most popular movies in the world by netflix

Streaming service Netflix has shared ten of its most popular movies: Top 10 Most popular movies in the world by Netflix.

Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue.

A group of mercenaries is taken to free the son of an Indian drug lord who is in prison from the hostages. The teenager was kidnapped by competitors and held in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka – a city consisting of slums and almost completely surrounded by rivers. The responsible task will be entrusted to the former military Tyler Reik. He easily deals with the armed guards and quickly frees the prisoner, but getting the guy to a safe place and getting out of the city where the hunt has been announced is not so easy.

Spencer’s justice.

5 years ago, Spencer, a Boston cop with a keen sense of justice, went to jail for assaulting Captain Boylan. After serving a due date, the former cop is released and settles in the house of his former coach, but he has to share a room with a black-skinned thug Hawke, an aspiring MMA fighter. Literally on the same evening, Boylan is killed, another cop commits suicide, and later drugs are found on him. Spencer decides to help the widow of the “suicide” clear her husband’s name and with the help of his new friend Hawke begins to unravel the tangle of corruption ties with the Boston police.

Ghost six.

Having faked his own death, the conscious billionaire begins a new life – he recruits a detachment of mercenaries from different countries to fight evil in this world. All team members receive numbers instead of names, and their goal is to overthrow the dictator and liberate the people of the country of Turgistan.

Immortal Guard.

For centuries, a detachment of immortal warriors from different eras has been fighting evil in the name of humanity, and in the modern world they have to hide their essence with great care. Their leader Andy agrees to free the next hostages, but the squad is ambushed, and now the former CIA Schnick has video evidence of their immortality. While he sells them to the ambitious head of the pharmaceutical concern, our soldiers learn about the existence of a brand-new immortal.

Enola Holmes.

England, 1884. On the day of her 16th birthday, Enola Holmes discovers that her mother has disappeared without a trace. Having turned for help from brothers Mycroft and Sherlock, who have long left their father’s house, the girl does not receive the expected support. Since the father died early, the mother – a woman of progressive views – raised and educated her daughter herself, and now young Enola does not correspond to the generally accepted idea of ​​a decent young lady. Although Sherlock is sympathetic to his sister, Mycroft is her legal guardian and is about to be sent to a women’s boarding school. Not delighted with this prospect, Enola begins to unravel the clues left by his mother and, disguised as a boy, secretly gets on a train to London, where he meets a young viscount who also ran away from his relatives.

Power Project.

Capsules are brought to New Orleans, which give those who swallow their superpowers for 5 minutes. But what powers a person will receive is impossible to predict: someone will be invisible or super speed, and someone will die instantly. Robin, a high school student, trades in these pills to make ends meet and save up for surgery for her sick mother, and occasionally supplies her fellow police officer Frank with them. One day, the former military Art comes out on Robin and forces her to help him find the source of the mysterious capsules.

Kissing booth 2

The main character is a schoolgirl who fell in love with her best friend’s brother. Now El will have to decide what is more important to her – a relationship with a loved one or college.

Death zone.

The year is 2036. For several years now, a civil war has been going on in Ukraine, and the US military is playing the role of peacekeepers. Not obeying the direct order of the captain, the drone operator Lieutenant Harp appears before the commission, but is sent not to a tribunal, but on a special mission. Now Harp is subordinate to Captain Leo, who is actually a secret development – a high-tech android, outwardly completely indistinguishable from an ordinary person. Together, they go to the border zone with Russia to find the war criminal Viktor Koval and not allow him to take possession of the codes for launching nuclear missiles.

Day “Yes”

Within one day, the parents decided to answer “yes” to all the children’s requests.

Wrong girl

When Tim Morris accidentally meets the charming Missy, he realizes that he has met the girl of his dreams. To win her heart, the hero decides to invite the beauty to spend a weekend with him at a luxury resort, where his company holds a corporate party. But Tim is wrong and sends a message to another Missy – an eccentric, eccentric person who is not shy about showing her flaws.


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