Most important things we can do for loved ones

Become reliable support for those who are dear to you. The author of these tips, personal effectiveness trainer Laurie Deschene, believes that life is primarily about the people around us. There must be several people nearby who saw us in unpleasant, awkward situations and still continue to support us. It gives a sense of security and hope for the best. At the same time, in her opinion, in a relationship, it is important not only to accept support but also to provide it.

1. Being close for real.

Put your phone aside and put it on silent. Unless you are a super agent who can be called up every minute to save the world, messages, and mail can hardly be more important than the person who is next to you. Concentrate fully on it.

2. Listen carefully.

Sometimes in a conversation we pay more attention to our reactions, thinking about what and how we will say in response to the interlocutor’s remarks, and waiting for our turn to speak. Instead, try listening carefully and understanding the person you care about.

3. Tell the truth.

Even if it makes the person feel uncomfortable, talk about what’s right for you. Resist the temptation to hide unpleasant things to make the situation look better than it actually is.

4. Accept the person completely.

Everyone has flaws, and you have to be truly blinded by love in order not to notice them. However, a person becomes who he is, thanks to a cocktail of merits and demerits. And it is worth taking its quality as a kit.

5. To interpret the situation in favor of the interlocutor.

Instead of thinking the worst of the person, give them the opportunity to clarify the situation. Maybe he didn’t mean to be rude or hurt your feelings. Or you may have reacted incorrectly to his words or actions because you were having a bad day. Or he touched on a topic that is painful for you. Stop guessing and ask again what he meant.

6. Forgive

You do not need to transform all grievances into stones that you will hide in your bosom. When it comes to little things, just eliminate the chagrin that the person has inflicted in the mental shredder and forget. If the resentment is great, discuss it, tell us what makes you sad and how you can fix the situation together.

7. Admire out loud.

Tell the person why you value him, even if these actions are given to him without any difficulty. Praise him because he is amazing and needs to know about it.

8. Give without looking back.

Give love, support, understanding. Give things back if they can be useful to him. Sometimes it is better to overdo it with concern than not show it.

9. Remain impartial.

Don’t judge a person by how they appear and what impression they have made on you. Let him prove himself, show what he believes in, what he is worth.

10. Love in spite of everything.

Even if a friend, partner, or family member is stubborn, capricious, love him. Behind the broad generalizations and small thoughts, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that your loved one is a good person who does everything possible to exist in this imperfect world.

Everyone has stress and breakdowns, situations when everything is enough. In these moments, we feel lost. But the feeling that someone believes in us helps to remember that we are not alone.


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