7 famous games that were inspired by books

BioShock, Mount & Blade, Assassin's Creed and other projects based on historical and fantasy novels.

7 famous games: Mount & Blade, Assassin’s Creed and other projects based on historical and fantasy novels.

1. Assassin’s Creed.

When creating the first part of the stealth action franchise, the developers were inspired by the book “Alamut” by Vladimir Bartol. She tells the story of the fortress of the same name.

Once Alamut was besieged by the Turks, and its owner, the commander Hasan ibn Sabbah, to intimidate the enemies, ordered one of his subordinates to stab themselves, and the other to throw himself off a cliff.

Ubisoft took this episode from the book, as well as images of the besieged fortress and its fearless inhabitants.

2. Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West is an action game from the authors of DmC and Hell blade. According to the plot, the main characters – a huge warrior Monkey and a hacker girl Tripitaka – are one of the few people who survived after another world war. Together, they set off in search of a home across the lands inhabited by evil robots.

In many aspects of the game – from the title to individual plot events and characters – it is clear that the authors of Enslaved took the “Journey to the West” story as a basis. This is a 16th century Chinese sci-fi satirical novel about how a monk traveled to India in the company of a half-man, half-pig, the king of monkeys and a dragon-horse.

There are no such unusual creatures in Enslaved, but, as in the original source, there is a bit of absurd humor and an overall sense of an exciting adventure.

3. Spec Ops: The Line.

In the center of the plot of Spec Ops: The Line – three special forces fighters who arrived in Dubai, destroyed by sandstorms, to rescue the stranded military from the rebels and separatists.

In the course of the story, villains and heroes change places several times, and the game itself is dedicated to the horrors of war and their impact on humans.

The shooter’s script largely repeats the 1899 book “Heart of Darkness” and the film “Apocalypse Now” based on it. All three works tell about how, under certain conditions, a person can be captured by primitive instincts – the desire to inflict suffering and kill.

4. BioShock.

BioShock is a shooter set in the underwater city of Rapture. The businessman Andrew Ryan built it for the most talented and intelligent people on the planet: scientists, artists, musicians, and artists.

There were almost no laws and regulations in the city – everyone was his own judge, and no one had responsibilities. But something went wrong, and over the years, the inhabitants of Rapture from bohemia turned into crazy drug addicts and psychopaths.

Delight is the embodiment of the ideas of the writer Ayn Rand, set forth, for example, in the book Atlas Shrugged. She proposed a philosophy of objectivism, according to which no one owes anything to anyone but himself. In the game, the developers took these principles to the absolute and showed that such an ideology can only lead to the decline of society.

5. Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword.

In the medieval action RPG Mount & Blade, the player, in the role of a warlord, travels between several states. He can loot or liberate villages, lay siege to castles, and build relationships with vassals.

Creating the With Fire & Sword add-on, the developers took as a basis the novel by the Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz “Fire and Sword”, dedicated to the uprisings of Bohdan Khmelnitsky against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the middle of the 17th century.

The player can both exactly repeat historical events and rewrite them. For example, suppress the Khmelnytsky uprising while playing as Poland. Or become the ruler of the Muscovy, staging a coup.

6. The Binding of Isaac.

The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike in which the player must explore a procedurally generated world, kill bosses and common enemies, and avoid traps.

Looking at the eerie cartoonish style of the game, it’s hard to imagine that it has anything to do with the Bible. However, in fact, the plot of the action is inspired by the Old Testament story about Abraham, who had to kill his son Isaac in order to prove his loyalty to God.

Only in the game, the angel does not save Isaac, and therefore he has to escape. And not from the father, but from the distraught mother.

7. Dynasty Warriors.

The Dynasty Warriors series of slashers is known primarily for large-scale battles, during which the hero fights dozens of opponents side by side with his army, using melee weapons and magical abilities.

The plot of the games in the series is based on the classic novel “Three Kingdoms”, which tells about the civil wars in China in the 3rd century.

The developers of the project got along with the original very freely – they introduced elements of fantasy and dozens of fictional characters. So the plot has lost its historicity, but it has become much richer. The authors even managed to stretch the adventure over nine games and several spin-offs.


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