5 reasons why you need to delete your favorite game

Top 5 signs it’s time to delete your favorite game: If the project is no longer fun or takes up all of your time, it’s time to think.

1. You rarely manage to find something new in the project.

Any game should periodically surprise the user – this is one of the most important conditions for maintaining interest. In single-player projects, this is done with the help of the plot, unusual quests, and gradually unlocking levels and skills that change the gameplay. In online games, through tactical depth, character progression through levels, and upgrades that add maps, heroes, and weapons.

The developers are doing everything so that the gamer constantly comes across new content. If this happens infrequently for you, you have already thoroughly studied every nook and cranny of the game and tried all the tactics. It might be time to switch to another project.

2. You do not enjoy the game.

Many gamers, especially those who prefer competitive projects, forget that this activity was invented mainly for fun. Lack of pleasure from your favorite project is a reason to think about why you are launching it at all.

Try to track what emotions the gameplay evokes in you. If you barely feel the joy of winning, constantly getting angry about defeats, scolding your teammates, NPCs or yourself, then you should most likely delete the game. After a couple of weeks or even months, start it up again – the pleasure will surely return.

3. You have a huge backlog.

The backlog is the games you bought but haven’t launched yet. Almost every gamer has them. It often happens that a user has a dozen new titles installed, but he comes back to the same game over and over again. This is because he knows her well and perceives her as his comfort zone.

The reasons for this are understandable: new games can be too complex, they can have awkward controls, a dull storyline or, worst of all, drawn-out cut-scenes that cannot be missed. But there are downsides to this behavior.

First, you are losing money: discounts appear for almost all projects, and they increase over time. If you bought the game a year ago, but never launched it, then you could have purchased it later, but for a lower price.

Second, the longer you put off the backlog, the more likely you will not play some projects from it at all. The life of a modern person becomes more and more intense as he grows up: work, family, children appear. There is almost no time left for games. So, as long as you have a few hours a day for gaming, don’t waste them all on one project.

4. You treat play like work.

Sometimes a person gets so used to one project that he feels the obligation to play exactly in it. However, if you are not an esports player or streamer, this is not worth doing. This could be a sign of video game addiction that leads to depression.

Only launch titles if you really want to. Life is already full of things that you don’t want to do, but you have to. There is no need to add to this list, games that are designed to entertain and delight you.

5. Gambling causes problems in real life.

Video games are a great hobby, but you probably shouldn’t devote all your free time to it. If, as a result, other areas of life begin to suffer – you lose contact with friends, forget to eat or go to bed on time, are late for work – then it makes sense to give up this hobby. Spending tens of hours in the game, you gain almost nothing, and you can lose a lot: loved ones, career, and even health.


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