Are cereals fattening for dinner? – Here’s the answer!

YES, cereals are fattening for dinner and, furthermore, they are not at all recommended at this time of day. There are many food myths that sometimes make us make important mistakes when designing our diet. One of the most striking is the one that considers that it is better to eat cereals at dinner time if you want to lose weight instead of a normal recipe with foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, etc.

If you’ve ever wondered “Is cereal fattening for dinner?” It will surely be because you have seen an advertisement or have received erroneous information about the nutritional needs of our body. For this reason, in this DolBoard article we are going to explain to you why cereals should not be eaten at dinner time and, however, they can be enjoyed first thing in the day, that is, at breakfast.

Are cereals fattening for dinner or not?

Yes, cereals make you fat for dinner. However, first of all, we want to emphasize that when we talk about cereal we refer to the bowl of cereals that we can mix with milk, but we also refer to other cereals such as, for example, rice, wheat, corn, quinoa, and so on.

What if I eat cereal at night

To answer this question we need to understand how our body works in relation to calories and the food we eat. It should be noted that our body, every day, needs a supply of energy that comes from the calories of food and, therefore, it is essential that we follow a correct diet to fill ourselves with nutrients and energy that we will need to function correctly inside and out. outside.

So that you fully understand how calories work, we will give you a comparison: imagine that food is our “gasoline” that we need to function that day. If during that day we do not use all the “gasoline” that we have introduced into the body, it will remain stored as a “reserve”, that is, it is transformed into saturated fat that our body uses every time it needs to consume more energy. during that day.

Therefore, if we follow a high-calorie diet, in the end, we will gain weight because, in reality, our physical activity does not require as much “gasoline”. And, as you can imagine, it is not the same amount of energy that we need first thing in the morning, with the whole day ahead than what we will use at night, before going to sleep, when all we will do is lie down to rest.

For this reason, it is important that, if you want to follow a healthy diet, you bet on light dinners that give your body the nutrients it needs but without excesses. In this other DolBoard article, we tell you how to make light dinners so that you know the best foods that you can include at this time of day.

Why are cereals fattening for dinner?

It is important to follow a balanced diet in which there is a balance between all food groups, that is, proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Establishing a varied diet with calorie control will help you to properly nourish your body, giving it what it needs to be strong and healthy.

But why are cereals fattening for dinner?

  • Because of their great energy contribution: cereals are integrated into the group of “complex carbohydrates“, that is, a group that is of great importance in our diet but that has a series of particulars in its intake as it is a food group that It gives us a large amount of energy, that is, a large number of calories.
  • Because of its large number of calories: cereals make you fat for dinner, basically because we are providing our body with a large number of calories that, if not consumed, will end up accumulating as saturated fat, that is, as the “reserve” of our energy. And we all know that when fat is stored in the body it is much more difficult to burn than if we do it immediately.
  • Because it is slowly assimilated: we must not forget that cereals, being a complex carbohydrate, are slowly assimilated in the body and, therefore, throughout the day we will burn their calories. This is completely different from what happens with simple carbohydrates (sugary ones, confectionery, industrial pastries, etc.) that are assimilated directly and, therefore, if they are not consumed at that time, they are stored as saturated fat; hence the buns or cakes make us fat so much.

Cereals are, therefore, complex and, therefore, if we eat them first thing in the day or at lunchtime, we will have all day to consume their calories and thus prevent them from being stored in the body. It is for this reason that cereals should NOT be eaten at dinner time (because their energy will not be spent) but they SHOULD be eaten at breakfast or lunch since it will give us a large amount of energy to spend the day full of vitality.

What to eat to not gain weight

We have already told you that cereals are fattening for dinner and in this large group of “cereals” we include both cereal flakes and rice, quinoa, wheat, etc. In general, all carbohydrates do NOT have to be consumed at dinner time because, as we have said, they provide us with a large number of calories that we will not consume and, therefore, we will end up increasing our reserve of saturated fat.

That said, what can we eat at night to avoid gaining weight? Basically, it is recommended to eat foods that are light, low in calories, and low in fat so that they satisfy our appetite but without giving us extra energy that we will not be able to process. So, the best foods for dinner are the following:

  • Vegetables and cooked vegetables: it is recommended that you avoid eating raw vegetables late in the day because they are more difficult to digest and, therefore, can make us have a bad night by forcing our body to have to work when it was ready to sleep. Therefore, it is best that you choose to cook vegetables in the oven, steamed, boiled, etc.
  • Low-fat proteins: Proteins are the perfect accompaniment to your vegetables because they will satisfy your appetite and contain almost no fat. But, yes, the best thing is that you opt for the healthiest varieties such as lean meats, fish, or eggs and that you cook them lightly (oven, iron, steam, etc.) thus avoiding, fried or battered.
  • Skim dairy products: proteins also include skim dairy products, that is, cheese, yogurt, etc. You can also take them late in the day because they have a powerful satiating effect and hardly contain any fat.

As you can see, in this list we do not include carbohydrates but we are not talking about fruits either, why? Because fruits are simple carbohydrates, that is, although they do not provide us with many calories, they do provide us with high amounts of simple sugars that, when not consumed, are stored in the body. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, save fruit for the rest of the day but never for the night.

This article is merely informative, at DolBoard we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the event of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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