How long does it take for a nose piercing to close?

The nose piercing is one of the most popular, in addition, it is also one of the best that has aged over time. Other piercings, such as the eyebrow or the lip, may not be seen as much anymore, but a ring or small ball on one side of the nose never goes out of style. For this reason, there are many people who have either had this piercing done or are thinking of doing it. However, despite its undoubted fame, it is logical that if you are considering the idea, you have doubts about how long it takes to close the nose piercing and how long it takes to heal.

That is why, in this new DolBoard article, we explain how long it takes for a newly made or healed nose piercing to close. In addition, we provide you with the best tips for healing it.

How long does it take for a fresh nose piercing to close?

You must get used to the idea that you have just pierced a very thick part of cartilage and that until it is completely healed, it will take between 7-10 weeks. For this reason, it is recommended that, at this time, you take into account the cleaning and care routines provided by the professional who did it for you. In this way, you will not only speed up the process, but you will also avoid problems, such as infections and poor healing.

On the other hand, we are sure that if you have just had a piercing you ask yourself: How long do I have to wait to remove the piercing and change it without the hole closing? If you want to know how long you have to wait to remove the medicinal nose piercing and change it for a new one, you should know that the answer may vary depending on your age, how long ago you had it done, or even the shape or location of the piercing. piercing. The truth is that in recently made piercings, this time is usually very short. It only takes a few hours for the body to begin to close the wound, and it is very common that after a while you think “the nose piercing no longer fits”. That is why ideal if you want it to heal and heal well, you should continue cleaning for at least 2 months .and then go to the center to have it changed.

How long does it take to close the healed nose piercing

It may be that you have been wearing the piercing for a long time and either because you are tired or because it no longer convinces you, that you want to take it off and go back to being as before. In this case, you may be wondering, whether it is a septum, a nostril, a bridge, or a rhino, how long are you going to have to wait until the hole is completely closed? What if I remove the septum does it close? Well, once again, the answer varies depending on how long you’ve been with him and another set of circumstances. If your piercing is already fully healed, the process may take time.

And what happens if you remove your nose ring or any other piercing? Normally, our body begins to regenerate as soon as we remove the earring and it may be that even just 24-48 hours later, the inner part of the skin begins to close. However, the outer part can take even years to disappear, due to external factors, in addition, thick layers of skin. Are you wondering how to close the nose piercing? To speed up the process you can try and apply rosehip creams or oils to help hide the scar.

Tips to care for your nose piercing

The nose piercing, in the same way as any other piercing, is an open wound during the first weeks, that is why it must be taken care of very well so that it heals correctly. In DolBoard we explain the best tips so you know how to cure a nose piercing:

  • Do not handle or touch the nose ring or any other piercing with your hands, and, if you are forced to do so, always with clean hands.
  • Use serums or neutral soaps to wash it and avoid irritation.
  • Be careful with hair and clothing to prevent snagging.
  • Make sure your bedding is clean.
  • Be constant in the care, at least twice a day during the first 3 or 4 weeks.
  • Take care of your diet and your lifestyle, since in this way you will also be helping your body to have better development and accelerate healing.
  • Avoid putting on make-up or putting on scented masks or creams for the first few weeks to prevent them from getting into the wound and potentially causing infection.
  • When the estimated healing time of the nose piercing has passed, do not try to change the earring on your own. Better go to the center so they can see it and put it on you in the most correct way. You should know that there are numerous shapes and colors, the most popular are: nose ring piercing, shiny piercing, gold piercing, black hoop piercing, point piercing, etc. Which one is your favorite?

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