How to cure infected pimples

Although many people are tempted to touch a pimple or blackhead to pop it and release the pus inside, this gesture is not recommended. Touching your face or not keeping it clean enough can backfire, leading to the growth of infected pimples. So, if patience is not your forte and you have not been able to avoid exploiting that granite, pay attention to the following article.

At DolBoard we want to explain how to cure an infected pimple, the result of not having allowed the pimple to follow its natural course or not having used the right products for its treatment. Next, discover the best tips to accelerate the healing of pimples and return to showing off a face free of impurities.

Why does a pimple get infected?

Generally, blackheads or pimples form below the surface of the skin and can become invisible to the naked eye. However, you can feel the lump or even see its white head, this will indicate that there is pus inside. Additionally, the combination of dirt, bacteria and the skin’s own sebum can result in infected and clogged blind pimples.

Virtually everyone has had or will have this type of problem at some point. The appearance of pimples, pustules, or pimples on the lip or on any part of the body, is part of the common skin problems and appear when the accumulation of fat from the sebaceous glands, present in the skin, as well as dead cells or small particles of Dust, gets trapped in the pores. However, it is not the only reason for its appearance. Some of the causes of infected pimples are: hormonal changes, excessive sweating, or pollution, they can also cause infection of large pimples.

Dermatologist visit

Don’t know what to do with infected pimples already? Well, before starting any action against giant pimples, if it is a recurrent and common problem in your skin, we recommend that you visit a dermatologist so that, as a specialist, he can recommend the best treatment to follow after assessing your case. and make a diagnosis. There are many options to treat both acne and infected blind pimples, so if your dermis has a tendency to produce pimples, going to your doctor will be the key to resolving this infection. In addition, the dermatologist will also give you a solution and will explain how to heal a pimple wound quickly.

Avoid popping it with your fingers

To avoid leaving a mark and to heal the pimple infected with pus as soon as possible, it is very important to avoid using your hands to pop it. Although we tend to extract the pus by squeezing with our fingers, this impulse can end up causing a greater injury to the skin, so it is not recommended to use this technique. In addition, by popping the pimple you can help more pimples to form around it, because through your hands you can add dirt or bacteria that cause clogging of the pores and, therefore, generate a new pimple.

Disinfects the pimple area

When a pimple becomes infected, it is important to treat the area where the infection is located to prevent bacteria and dirt from coming into contact and aggravating it, generating a larger wound on the skin. The objective to heal the infected pimple is to reduce the wound that has been caused as much as possible. On this occasion, as it is an open wound, it is strongly discouraged to use alcohol. We recommend using sulfur soap.

Sulfur soaps are for sale in pharmacies and supermarkets and are very effective in removing pimples of pus without damaging the skin and causing further injury. Why? Thanks to their anti-seborrheic properties, they help keep the sebaceous glands clean and free of obstruction, thus helping to prevent infection of large blackheads and pimples. On the other hand, if you already have a pimple of pus or a large pimple, washing the area with sulfur soap will allow you to dry a pimple quickly so that it disappears as soon as possible without leaving a trace.

Use a topical antibiotic

If the infection of the pimple is widespread, it is best to carry out a topical antibiotic treatment in order to prevent it from getting worse. In addition, this medication will help the wound heal faster and more effectively, thus preventing the pimple and pimple area from becoming infected again. The topical antibiotic for infected pimples must be prescribed by the dermatologist since not all skins tolerate it in the same way. Antibiotic is one of the best remedies to remove infected pimples.

Apply aloe vera

The properties of aloe vera are perfect for the skin and, especially, to cure pimples infected with pus. Both using the plant directly and all those cosmetic products that include it, such as creams for infected pimples, can benefit your skin. And it is that aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that allow eliminating both accumulated fat and excess dirt in the pores. If you add to this the antibacterial and antibiotic properties, you can combat the appearance of acne and improve the health of your skin. But, in addition, aloe allows you to hydrate the skin and reduce its dryness, so it will also act as a calming agent. And, as if that were not enough, aloe vera has a healing and regenerating effect, as well as a great disinfectant power. And, if you also wonder how to deflate a huge pimple, keep in mind that aloe vera will be essential for the deflation process. All this makes this product one of the best remedies to cure infected pimples.

Don’t remove the scab

If the infected pimple has crusted over, avoid removing it if you want it to heal faster. When the wound closes and the scab comes off, picking it off will be counterproductive. Removing the scab in this way can leave more marks on the skin and also leave it open to new infections. Avoid removing infected pimples!

Adopt healthy habits

To improve the condition of the skin it is essential to follow healthy habits. Also, if you want to accelerate the healing of a wound caused by an infected pimple, it is advisable to have a healthy and balanced diet. Following a diet based on fats and processed foods not only means that more grains may appear, but you will not have the right amount of nutrients for your body to act normally. Changing your eating habits will allow you to reduce acne and improve the appearance of your skin. On the other hand, you should always stay hydrated. Drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day will help your skin look more radiant and free of impurities.

Hide the wound

If the above tips have not worked for you, you can always hide the wound and let the pimple follow its natural course, so don’t worry, it will end up disappearing. Although there is no problem in having pimples on the face, remember that we have all suffered from it at some time, we understand that they usually appear at the least indicated time.

Resorting to makeup can be a good solution to hide the pimple. To do this, you can use greenish tone correctors, since they are effective in hiding redness. In case you don’t have one, take note of this trick: put on white or earth shadows depending on the tone of your skin to hide the wound. Of course, remember that when you get home you must remove make-up properly, clean your skin well and disinfect it to reduce the risk of an infected pimple reappearing.

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