Pouty lips: how to do this lip makeup

Are your lips too thin and do you want to increase their thickness without resorting to aesthetic treatments? If the answer to this question is yes, this DolBoard article is for you. On this occasion, we explain what pouty lips are, a true trick that has gone viral through networks like TikTok and that allows you to have thicker lips. And, as you well know, makeup can be one of the best weapons to achieve any goal, as well as making you look more beautiful and feel much better, as long as it is used in the right way.

For all these reasons, we want to explain to you what this make-up technique that has become popular in South Korea consists of, and which is perfect for obtaining plump lips naturally and without the need to resort to hyaluronic acid punctures. that is a quick resource to achieve greater volume in the mouth. Do you like the idea? Do you want to learn how to make up your lips to make them look fuller?

What do pouty lips mean?

The pouty lips have once again revolutionized the world of makeup. From the hand of some South Korean tiktoker’s, this technique has become the latest trend to achieve juicy, fuller, and thicker lips.

Pouty lips mean sensual lips and the technique consists of making up the mouth in a strategic way to achieve more volume and thickness in the lips, naturally and without the need to resort to aesthetic touch-ups or hyaluronic acid punctures. In addition, this lip makeup trick has gone viral thanks to the fact that it not only helps to give our lips more shape and volume, but it is also one of the best ways to beautify your smile. Through the pouty lips, you will be able to define your mouth and provide a fleshy effect in a natural way with something as simple as applying a lip gloss that allows you to create a visual effect. Easy, fast, and very simple to achieve if you follow the basic steps and use the right material and makeup for it. Full lips in three, two, one!

How to achieve pouty lips

To get thicker and fuller lips using the pouty lips technique, you only need to have two different shades of lipstick, one lighter than the other. In addition, you will also need to follow these steps:

  1. Paint your lips with clear lipstick evenly. You can use a concealer or base so that the color has more durability on your lips.
  2. Next, draw a W on the lower lip line and a V on the so-called “cupid’s bow.” Do it with a lighter lipstick.
  3. Join both letters by drawing a line on the top line.
  4. With this first sketch, take a brush or brush and blur all the lines you drew until both the letters and the lines you drew disappear. Remember that to achieve a better effect you must make movements from the inside to the outside.
  5. Finally, apply three touches of gloss: two on the lower lip and one in the middle of the cupid’s bow. Then spread it with small touches with the help of your fingers to blend it all over the lip.

Now you can wear some pouty lips that will not leave anyone indifferent. Using this technique you will create perfectly defined lips with a lot of volumes.

Why are pouty lips trending again?

Although from South Korea the world of makeup has been revolutionized with pouty lips, the reality is that it is not a new technique, since for years different celebrities have resorted to it to show off full and juicy lips, such as Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner, who outlined their lips to achieve a much larger and thicker lip effect.

And why are we talking about the pouty lips revolution? The answer is simple: through social networks, especially from TikTok, Koreans have once again imposed the fashion of wearing full and thick lips through this makeup technique that has gone viral among generation Z. And it is that if something It is true, it is that the South Koreans have been gaining ground in the cosmetics sector and in the world of makeup. So much so, that they have been able to once again value the pouty lips method, which is why you can find multiple tutorials on TikTok and more than 300,000 hashtags that refer to this makeup technique.

And, if in addition to this technique, you want to know how to increase lips even more with other home methods, don’t miss this dolboard article. We offer you more tips to achieve fuller and more sensual lips.

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