What to do when you get bored in class

If you are in class, and you constantly look at the clock, you yawn, you look out the window, you are distracted without thinking about anything, in particular, you play with your hair, you get impatient, and you want to run away, then your boredom is epic!!

But why torture yourself? The best thing you can do is have a good time or come up with a way to make the class fun and learn something. Is it possible to turn a dull class into a fun moment? Sure, that’s why in dolboard, we tell you what to do when you get bored in class.

Organize a group

If you’re not the only one who gets bored in class, join forces, and you’ll have a better time! Agree with classmates, and propose that they take turns in each class so that one of them can take notes or record. The colleague on duty will also have to transcribe the notes (there are programs for that) or photograph them, and then send them to the others (for example by WhatsApp).

The rest of the group? Have a good time with the following things to do when you get bored in class. This way, everyone will pass the subject with a minimum share of boredom.

Exquisite Corpse

Who spoke of a glamorous skeleton? No, this activity consists of a word game that results in very crazy and funny texts written collectively (yes, you need accomplices!). The dynamic is simple, and it is played like this:

  1. Each participant folds a sheet of paper until the end is in the shape of a fan.
  2. As each player folds a sheet, he writes a phrase, which he hides with it, since no one else must see it.
  3. The first participant opens the game by writing a phrase that can be seen on the outside of the sheet; This will serve as an inspiration to the rest of the players.
  4. In the end, they unfold the fan and a very funny text is left.

Of course, when they roll the paper, do it very discreetly. Now you know what to play when you get bored in class!

Draw doodles in your notebook

Nothing more relaxing and fun than drawing, especially doodles! So, while you take notes in class, get some colored pencils or pens, and doodle some fun things: frames on the paper, margins (abstract or wacky), icons for interesting facts (a lightbulb, an eye, speech clouds, etc.), crazy animals, a funny character, etc.

That way, every time you wonder what to do in class when you’re bored, you’ll bring out your inner artist while still attending class. Who knows, you might be surprised, and end up learning many things in that subject.

Do another class’s homework

Although you like to study, you don’t know what happens to you with that class, and it kills you with boredom? Well, take advantage of the time, do the tasks of another subject or transcribe some overdue note, you will see how time flies by! In addition, no one will notice that you are not interested in that subject, and you will have more things to do when you are bored in class.

Listen to music

The best way to pass the time? Listen to your list of favorite songs. Of course, you already know that you need discretion, nobody should see you. So, to that end, slide one of your earphones or headphones, through your sleeve (it should belong), put it in your ear, and cover it up (use your hair, one hand as if you’re going to lay your head on it, or put on a sweater with hoodie).

The best thing about this? You can still listen to the class, and understand it without seeming clueless.

In addition to listening to music, you can also take the opportunity to listen to your favorite podcasts.

Write lists

Still, wondering how not to get bored in class ? This is a great form of camouflage to hide that you’re bored as an oyster. Everyone will think you’re taking notes, when in fact, you’re passing the time.

Any ideas? Well, make up top 10 things: your favorite things (TV series, video games, bands, songs, etc.), topics to search on Google, the funniest things that happened in class, the things you learned in class, things to do when you get bored in class, etc. Surely you do not lack imagination!

Play pocket video games or on your mobile

You want aliens to come and get you out of there, but you know that only happens to people in movies. Well, escape to the virtual world by playing games for when you get bored in class! You can use your phone, graphing calculator, or some portable console.

Of course, be discreet, put it in silent mode, and hide it behind a folder, because they can confiscate your device. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Send messages to your friends

A classic among the things to do so as not to get bored! Exchange text messages with your friends via mobile, but in secret. If so far you don’t like the above things to do when you get bored in class, this alternative may convince you.

Of course, keep a low profile, write very short messages and hide the phone (hold it under the desk, behind a book, inside a sleeve, in a pocket, etc.).

Eat treats

Do you know that chewing something relaxes and entertains you? In addition, this way, you keep your mind active, because the brain needs a lot of carbohydrates during study hours. If you are not allowed to eat in class, hide small treats in your pockets: jellies, marshmallows, candies, etc.

Maybe then, you can pay attention to the class, and add this suggestion to your things to do when you get bored in class. We do not advise you to eat chewing gum because it is usually prohibited in educational centers.

Write funny phrases or jokes

You are one of those people who invent words, so make up funny or meaningless phrases, and write them down in your notebook, discreet right?

Start with word games until you manage to build sentences such as: “If on Halloween, the dead knock on your door… zombies welcome?”, “Who said that zombies don’t speak? They make zombies with their throats!”, etc. Well, if a friend or classmate asks you what you do when you’re bored in class, you’ll have something to make them laugh!

Entertain yourself with an anti-stress toy

Surely you know the slime or green mucus, super sticky! This type of toy is relaxing and entertaining, without the need to capture all your attention. Therefore, it is perfect to play with it while you take notes. In addition, there is a wide variety of styles: decompression, mini stuffed animals, slime ball, relaxation balls, etc.

The best of all? Some of these toys you can build at home because making them is easy and fun. Do you dare to add them to the list of things to do when you get bored in class?

Make origami

Origami is the Japanese art of making figures out of paper and is perfect for practicing during classes.

Origami only needs a square piece of paper. Hide several paper cutouts inside a notebook or folder before entering class. Additionally, learn the steps to follow or save an instructional video on your phone.

Once the time has come, every time you make a fold, take a look at the class, so you don’t get caught, and you find out something.

Have fun with classic notebook games

The classics never fail when looking for what to do when you’re bored with friends, so you can always entertain yourself with Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, MASH, connect4, cat, word search, discover the hidden detail, among others.

In this way, you can add more things to do when you get bored in class. Do not forget that you must hide your favorite hobby inside a large notebook so that they do not discover you.

Read cartoons, novels, or magazines

Here’s another classic among things to do when you’re bored in class: read novels or comics. Thus, you can visit parallel dimensions, made up of witchcraft schools, vampires, superheroes, stores with this season’s clothes, or anything else nosy, all without leaving class!

You already know the strategy, hide the text in question inside a large notebook or folder. Of course, additionally, have a plan B in case your teacher comes around your position.

Learn to spin a pencil on your thumb

What to do when you get bored in class? Accept challenges! For this challenge you need: a heavy pen or pencil, a lot of practice, and the following steps:

  1. Hold the pen between your middle index finger, middle finger, and thumb.
  2. Pull your middle finger like a trigger.
  3. Tilt your wrist to make it easier for the pencil to rotate around your thumb.
  4. Move your fingers, so they don’t block the pencil’s rotation.
  5. Finally, catch the pencil.
  6. Challenge your friends to do it once you have mastered the technique.

Write or rewrite a song in your notebook

Do you like to rhyme phrases? Put this option among the things to do when you get bored in class. For example, write an original song (of any genre), totally your inspiration, or change the lyrics to a song that you like, replacing certain words with others that are funny.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning something about the subject, you can apply the same to the topic of the day, turn it into a song!

Accept the challenge of the folded paper

Do you think that a sheet can be folded more than 6 times? Well, try it. Nothing better to overcome boredom than trying to meet a challenge.

If you manage to do it, also challenge your classmates (the world record is 13 times) .

Play Emoji Pictory

It is not a new app inspired by the movie. Rather, it is a unique and original way to play Pictory on your phone, using emojis instead of drawings.

You can imagine how it goes: try to get a friend to discover a phrase or situation described only with emojis. What themes can you use? Celebrities, countries, movies, bands, etc. Whenever you don’t know what to play when you’re bored in class, you’ll have your phone at hand.

Skate with your fingers

You know what we’re talking about, the fun Tech Deck fingerboards. Of course, roll them in your books or folders, because they are noisy and the teacher can catch you.

Thus, between pirouette and pirouette, you can take a note. Surely, the next time you think about what to play when you get bored in class, this idea will be one of your favorites.

invent a game

What do you do when you get bored in class? Invent your own games. Any type is valid, be it the table, role, fortune teller, etc. In the event that you decide on a role-playing game, create the story and write it down in a notebook, as if you were preparing a guide: the battle system, the actions, etc. Then you can try it out by playing it with your friends!

prepare a project

Let’s face it: you don’t like the class, but you have interests, and it’s not fun wasting time. Stop being bored and if you have a project (entrepreneurship, a YouTube channel, a band, something related to art, etc.), plan them during those endless hours. You’ll see how time is running out for you.

write a short story

Don’t be scared, it’s not about writing a novel, it’s about being brief (maximum 150-300 words), it’s micro for a reason! To give you an idea, a very brief story would be something like this: “When she woke up, the dinosaur was still there” (by Augusto Monterroso). Funny right?

In addition, any genre is valid: horror, fiction, anecdotes, funny things, etc. If you want to extend yourself, you can make stories as long as you want, and maybe one day you will turn it into a real book.

Prepare your game strategies

If you love video games, you’ll love this mental getaway. Use your idle hours to improve your plays.

For example, if you participate in strategy games, write down the things you need to build your city, if they are action games, memorize the keys of each movement or power, etc.

Write your favorite phrases

Do you love to paraphrase or quote inspirational or interesting phrases? Well, write them down in your notebook while you ignore the clock. You can be inspired by books, video games, movies, TV series, your friends, commercials, sayings of your grandparents, etc. Additionally, at home, you can create memes or images using those same phrases.

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