What is the origin of Santa Claus

Christmas has Santa Claus as one of its most characteristic faces. Santa Claus is the representative figure of the illusion in the little ones, since he is in charge of carrying the gifts to all the houses on the eve of Christmas day, according to the story of Santa Claus for children. As we get older, the fantastic component that exists around this Christmas tradition is discovered, but the story of Santa Claus also has a real origin.

We know that every morning from December 24 to 25, Santa Claus comes to bring the most desired gifts for each person. But, who is Santa Claus? What is his true story of him? To find out what the origin of Santa Claus is, who was the creator of Santa Claus, how old he is, and when he comes to deliver gifts to homes, at dolboard we recommend that you continue reading this article.

The true origin and history of Santa Claus

To discover the origin of Santa Claus, we must go back to the 3rd century AD In the Turkish city of Patara, the Christian bishop named Nicholas of Bari was born, a figure on which the current character of Santa Claus is based and who we can identify as the creator of Santa Claus.

With the early death of his parents, the young Nicolás de Bari distributed all his possessions among the neediest people. In addition, he embraced religion as a palliative measure to the pain he felt due to the death of his parents. Later, the young man became bishop of Mira, a city located in Lycia, a region located in the southwest of Asia Minor.

Nicolás de Bari stood out for his enormous charity towards the neediest, caring especially for children, something he has in common with the current figure of Santa Claus. In fact, he was known as episcopal puerorum, that is, the bishop of children.

Nicolás de Bari died on December 6, 345. Being a date very close to Christmas, he established himself as the saint and the ideal figure for the distribution of sweets and gifts to the little ones on Christmas Day. Starting in the 6th century AD, a series of temples began to be built in honor of Nicholas of Bari, and, in 1087, his mortal remains were transferred to the city of Bari, in Italy.

In the 12th century, the Catholic tradition of Saint Nicholas grew throughout the European continent, and in the 17th-century emigrants of Dutch origin exported this custom to the United States. And so the story of Santa Claus was created.

In the United States, it is tradition to leave homemade cakes and cookies for Santa Claus with a glass of milk, an aspect similar to what happens in Spain with the Three Kings of the East. The name Santa Claus was created from the German saint’s name Sankt Nikolaus, which is why Father Christmas is called “Santa Claus” today.

From Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus

To know the complete story of Santa Claus, you must know the myth of Santa Claus that arises as a result of the Catholic tradition brought by the Dutch emigrants to the United States of Saint Nicholas. This American Santa Claus also arrived in England and France in the 19th century, where he merged with Bonhomme Noel, the origin of Santa Claus with a similar physique, but dressed in white with gold colors.

At the end of the 19th century, the story of Santa Claus that we know today is finished with an American advertisement for the Lomen Company. It is in this advertising production that questions such as “where does Santa Claus live” and “what means of transport does he use” end, in order to give more consistency to this Christmas character.

It is from this announcement that the belief that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole and that, in addition, he uses a sleigh pulled by reindeer as the means of transport to reach all the houses in the world at Christmas is popularized.

How old is Santa Claus in 2021

According to the history of Santa Claus, taking as reference the date of death of Nicolás de Bari, December 6, 345, Santa Claus would be approximately 1676 years old. On the other hand, if we consider when the Santa Claus we know today was created, with the arrival of the American Santa Claus in Europe and his fusion with the French Santa Claus in the 19th century, he would have been around 200 years old.

In order for Santa Claus to continue to celebrate his birthday and continue to make all our Christmases special, it is necessary to tell the little ones that Santa Claus exists and take care of his innocence. It is important to maintain the tradition of the story of Santa Claus for children, since this makes them live Christmas with special enthusiasm.

When is Santa Claus coming?

In accordance with the story of Santa Claus, the arrival of Santa Claus is linked to the holiday of Christmas Day, that is, December 25. It is also related to the birth of Jesus Christ (December 25 itself).

We all know the story of Santa Claus for children: on the night of December 24 (Christmas Eve) to 25, Santa Claus enters all houses through the chimney and leaves the corresponding gifts. Santa Claus arrives from the North Pole accompanied by a group of elves, who are in charge of making the toys and the rest of the gifts requested by the little ones.

Once Santa Claus arrives at each house, he places the gifts under the Christmas tree so that the children can open them on the morning of December 25. The story goes that he only hands out presents to little ones who have been good all year.

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