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Sleepovers are one of those plans with friends that reap unforgettable memories, especially in childhood and adolescence. Gathering at home and having all night to have fun, talk and share is the perfect opportunity to live fun moments, even more so if you use all your creativity and imagination to make the most of your time together.

Regardless of age, a sleepover is a perfect occasion to have a great time. If you’re wondering what to do at a sleepover to make it more interesting for your guests, you’ve come to the right place! At DOLBOARD we bring you 20 fun ideas for a perfect and memorable sleepover.

Decorate the room

The best way to give your room a festive atmosphere and perfect for a children’s sleepover is to do it in the company of your friends. Here, children can let their imagination run wild. Pillows, bedspreads, cushions, blankets, stuffed animals, curtains… they are all elements that can help you decorate the room for a sleepover!

You can improvise tents out of the blankets and create a padded floor with as many pillows and cushions as you can. You can simulate a campfire by placing a warm-colored lamp in the middle of a circle of pillows. Comfortable and perfect for a long night!

Talk about love

The night is perfect for revealing secrets and confessing feelings. For this reason, teen sleepovers or adult sleepovers are the ideal occasions to talk about the type of person you like, couples, and what worries you about your love situation.

In addition, it is a good time to give advice and help overcome crises, so friendship will be strengthened and you and your friends will understand each other like never before.

Cook dinner or make a dessert

If you want to have a cool sleepover, food should not be missing. Of course, everything tastes better when prepared as a team and with your friends, so cooking an easy dinner or a delicious dessert will be the perfect excuse to make a mess in the kitchen and have fun in the process. Burgers, hot dogs, cakes, cookies, sandwiches… You just have to make sure you have the ingredients at home and get to work!

To paint the nails

The following ideas that we will give you are perfect for a sleepover for girls or boys, with more innocent and creative activities. A sleepover classic, playing with your nails and your friends’ nails will not only be fun, but will give you a fabulous new nail look the next day.

Play with your imagination and try interesting combinations for your hands and feet that will leave you with a great memory of this meeting. If you want to be inspired, do not hesitate to visit our article Easy nail designs.

Apply face masks

The masks hydrate and soften your skin in a few minutes. Sharing recipes with friends and preparing masks together will be a fun experience and encourage skincare. Feel the change to softer, smoother skin in just a few minutes, and share the experience with all your friends!

After staying up late, your skin will thank you.

Try hair makeovers

Just like painting your nails, playing with your hair is also a lot of fun. Trying different hairstyles, dyes and styles will always leave laughter and photos for the story, so don’t hesitate to alternate looks with your friends. Let your hair be the best canvas for your creativity!

Playing video games

If you have a video game console, it’s time to get all the controls and the best games to play as a team. Fan the competitive flame among your friends and place bets on who will win each round.

Whoever loses may be forced to meet the challenges that the winner imposes!

Watch horror movies

A lot of people don’t like horror movies, but watching a thriller with friends can be really fun. Turn off the lights, hide under the covers, and let the screaming do the rest. And if you are worried about nightmares, don’t worry, with the company of your friends you will always be safe. Of course, do not forget the popcorn!

Watch a marathon of a series

If fear wins you, and you pass the terrifying movies, a marathon of a series that everyone enjoys is also an excellent alternative to spend a great evening. Without realizing it, you will wake up glued to the television or the computer, crying and laughing non-stop with each episode and occurrence.

Eat sweets and ice cream

There’s no better night to gorge on candy and junk food than a sleepover. We are committed to healthy eating, but this is a good opportunity to make an exception. Before the sleepover, prepare and search for sweets of all kinds, chocolates, treats, and more. If there are dramatic or sad moments, the ice cream will be there to accompany you!

Table games

Board games, like video games, are always an ideal pastime to share with your friends. Customize the rules and have a great time with cards, dice, and other classic games that will liven up the evening.

And if you don’t have boards, there are many games that you can improvise so that you all spend an evening laughing non-stop. Discover the best Fun Games to play with friends at home by clicking on the link.

Truth or dare game

Games and truth or dare questions are great for a sleepover. With them, you will not only see the most sincere side of your friends, but also the craziest. Telling the truth will never be as much fun as in a game of truth or dare with friends.

Pillow fight

Another sleepover classic is a pillow fight. Get your arsenal ready and prepare for a truly epic battle. Of course, be careful so that the fight does not cause too much damage and, of course, use soft pillows to avoid injuries. Once the environment is secured, let the fight begin!

Dance and karaoke

Get your music player ready and get ready to sing and dance like never before. The room will be the best karaoke club you can enjoy, since making a fool of yourself will be the only thing that matters. You just have to make sure you have a wide list of musical themes available and a good sound to sing and dance until you drop from laughing so much.

Rounds of confessions

As the night progresses, sincerity will emerge little by little. A round of confessions is fantastic to iron out rough edges, unburden the soul and strengthen bonds of friendship that last forever. A legendary sleepover should not miss the opportunity to make a good confessional. That yes, what is spoken there should never leave that room.

Talk about the future

Of course, at a sleepover, you will talk about a thousand things, and planning your future must be one of them. How you see yourself in a few years, your goals and ambitions, will be something of great value that only true friends can share.

Some of your plans and goals may not end up being fulfilled, but what matters is sincerity and the desire to say what you really want from your heart for your future. Also, with the support and advice of your friends, you can be sure that everything will be possible.

Make necklaces and bracelets

So that there is a wonderful memory of each sleepover, making necklaces and bracelets that symbolize friendship is essential to close the evening. Exchange jewelry with all the members of the sleepover, each garment will have more value than any other jewelry that they give you in the future.

Temporal tattoos

If you don’t like jewelry, temporary tattoos will leave traces of a sleepover to remember. Try figures and designs as varied as they are daring so that each tattoo is worthwhile. Put color on your body and try tattoos that make you look cool and different for a few days.

Take photos

For a sleepover, it is advisable to forget about cell phones for one night. Disconnecting from the phone will make you focus only on having fun with your friends, but for that, you just have to turn off the mobile data and that’s it.

Then activate the camera and start taking photos that frame this wonderful evening. You can also record short videos and make gifts to upload to social networks and have fun with all your friends and followers.

Sleep on the floor

After a long sleepover, sleeping on the floor with all your friends is the best. Make sure you have enough sheets, blankets, and cushions so you and your friends can sleep comfortably. The next day, for sure, you will wake up with a smile on your face.

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