What to get my boyfriend for our first month

What can I give to my boyfriend? You are starting the relationship, little by little you are getting to know each other, and you are laying the first bases and foundations on which your relationship will be built. Isn’t that a cause for constant celebration? We know that the first month is all games, flirting, and plenty of romance, but the way to make it even more special?

If you are thinking about what to give your boyfriend for your first month, pay attention to the following proposals, because at DOLBOARD we have compiled the best details that will help you put the icing on the cake for this first month of love. Take note and get ready to surprise him, because we answer your question: what to give my boyfriend in our first month?

Romantic dinner

If you are wondering what I can give my boyfriend for the first month because you feel that it is still early to get very intimate, the best option is to give a romantic dinner at a restaurant that you like, that is special, romantic and cozy or that always have interested you but that you have never been able to visit.

Romantic dinners are a safe bet in terms of gifts for months of dating, because you can spend more time together and show him, with this small gesture, everything that has meant to you this last month. You will love it!

Sleep under the stars

The gifts for my boyfriend of a month that people usually choose change a lot depending on the place where you are or the budget, however, if you are in love and want to plan something very romantic, you cannot miss this option.

Surprise your partner with an evening in a bubble hotel, where you can spend the whole night watching the stars… It is a very surprising gift that will make you share a unique, and unforgettable moment in an amazing place. However, if you are a nature lover, and you cannot find any hotel that suits your wishes, you can prepare a night of camping in a romantic corner.

Music to remember

You are in the first month, and you still do not know your boyfriend thoroughly, but surely you have already discovered your musical tastes, those that you have in common, and those that you continue discovering each other. For this reason, we encourage you to give a record, or even a vinyl, of one of his favorite groups or singers, since it is a gift for your boyfriend that he will surely like.

Are you wondering what are some details for my boyfriend more people? Burn a CD (or create a playlist) with some of your favorite songs; those that make you think of the other or remind you of a beautiful moment together.

Personalized music plate

If you’re thinking “what am i able to get my boyfriend? And you want to do something very special in your first month, this idea is perfect for you. The songs mark moments and through them, we can build many memories. If you have already got a song, that transports you to a cheerful moment, make a customized sheet within the purest song cover style on Spotify.

On the Internet, there are numerous options; with which you can obtain this personalized musical plate. The idea is to personalize the Spotify code by selecting the title of the song and the name of the artist, choosing a photo of yourself that you like, and even generating a Spotify code to be able to play the song on your favorite lists and from your device. Print the result on an acrylic plate or sheet, so you can frame this romantic gift.

Sweet gifts

During the first month, everything is very nice, but maybe you still don’t know 100% of their tastes to throw yourself into giving something more personal and intimate. However, you should not give up offering her a romantic detail that will remind you that you have already spent a month of love together. Give a box of chocolates or a selection of jelly beans; in a heart-shaped container, and enjoy a sweet moment.

Dinner for two… at home!

If your budget is the lowest, you can surprise your boy with a dinner for two, but at home. Prepare his favorite food or seduce his palate with good recipes. A table for two; some candles, and an intimate atmosphere will make this first month an unforgettable date within which you’ll be alone and sharing a really special moment. Dinners at home are always a safe bet, with which you can give privacy and space to get to know each other much better.

Give wine

If he likes wine, and you want to take advantage of the occasion to have a nice gesture, do not hesitate to give him a good bottle. During your first dates you will have already been able to learn what type of wine he likes the most, so find a guy who can excite him, and do not hesitate to include an impressive note. Enjoy it together in a romantic dinner!

Send him breakfast

Another very good option to surprise your boy in the celebration of this first month is to send breakfast home or to the office as a surprise. There are numerous packs that include sweet to savory options, coffees, juices, fruits, and you can even include a cup and a note to make him smile throughout the day! This detail will undoubtedly delight you.

Give him literature

If your boyfriend likes to read, the first month of dating is an ideal time to show him that you pay attention to what he likes. Buy him that book he has talked about so much or the latest release from his favorite author or author; feel free to include a little note on the first page!

And if you are a romantic or a romantic, you would like to know that you can also give your story as a gift. Write a poem or a few pages talking about yourselves; how you met, what made you fall in love with him, how you see the future next to him … whatever you want! Then, lay out the pages in a simple way (it will be more beautiful if they are small, that is, as if they were a brochure) and add a photo of your cover or a phrase that defines your relationship well.

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