10 tips to improve your multiplayer skills

Learn from mistakes, play with bots, watch streams - and sooner or later all frags will be yours.

10 tips for multiplayer: Learn from mistakes, play with bots, watch streams – and sooner or later all the frags will be yours, and the multiplayer game will start to be fun.

1. Start with a single-player campaign.

Most multiplayer games have single-player modes. Battlefield, Call of Duty (excluding Black Ops 4), and Titanfall have story campaigns, while Apex Legends and Dota 2 have tutorials.

This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game and the available maps and get used to the controls, shooting, and movement systems.

And in single-player modes, they often reveal details about the characters or locations that will meet in the multiplayer game. These details will not affect your skills in any way, but they will help you immerse yourself in the gameplay.

2. Train inappropriate modes.

Some competitive games offer special skill modes. In Apex Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s a shooting range; in Fortnite, it’s a sandbox.

CS: GO, Overwatch, and some other shooters can be played with bots. Also, for Counter-Strike, there are custom maps in which you can train your reaction speed, accuracy, and so on.

Matches with computer opponents allow you to explore locations in a relaxed atmosphere, while training modes allow you to familiarize yourself with the abilities of the characters and remember how different types of weapons work.

3. Play regularly: 10 tips for multiplayer

How found out Scientists, the key role in increasing the skill in a multiplayer game is played not by the total number of matches, but by their regularity.

Playing 10 matches every day is more effective than participating in 100 battles every few days. Therefore, set aside a little time for the game every 1–2 days – this way your skill level will grow much faster.

4. Watch streams of professionals.

Each game has its own stars – players who have achieved high results. Most often, they enjoy their own popularity, arranging broadcasts and filming videos.

Viewing this content can give a lot, even for a seasoned player. As a rule, professional gamers know all the secrets of the game: how to move correctly, how to behave in different situations. Comparing their behavior with yours, you can find your own mistakes and understand what you need to strive for.

But be careful: the gap between your skills and those of a professional can be so large that it discourages any desire to play. The main thing is to remember that these mastodons were once such newcomers.

5. Read guides on the Internet.

You can find guides and encyclopedias for any online game. They contain a lot of useful information that will help you better navigate in the thick of the battle. For example, a list of all weapons, a description of the characters and their skills, detailed characteristics of different modes.

Of particular value are texts describing tactics for individual heroes or teams. Not the fact that every strategy is right for you personally. But knowing what your favorite characters are capable of will still come in handy.

6. Play the same cards: 10 tips for multiplayer

A good knowledge of locations means that you will always understand where the danger may come from, how to get to the desired point faster, from which side it is better to attack enemies, and so on. Without it, learning how to win will be almost impossible – tactics are important in almost every game.

It is best to study the map for the first time in an empty match or with bots of a low difficulty level. But in real combat, the levels are perceived differently, so the only way to get to know the location better is to play it over and over again.

7. Customize the controls for yourself.

By creating controls for the game, the developers are trying to please the “average player” who doesn’t really exist. Everyone has different features of the structure of the hands, physical capabilities and controller models.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and look for the settings that are perfect for you. A convenient layout is one where all the significant keys are at hand, and you don’t miss when trying to reach the desired button. This is a very important prerequisite for improving skills.

8. Learn from mistakes: 10 tips for multiplayer

In competitive games, you often have to lose. This is true for all players. There is no escape from defeat – it is part of the experience.

Instead of getting upset about another death or loss, it’s better to take advantage of them. Each time you ask yourself why you failed, it will indicate areas that you need to improve.

For example, if you are killed from somewhere behind, start looking around and looking around more typically. If the enemy used an unusual combination of abilities and weapons, search the Internet for how to counter it.

9. Never mind disgruntled people.

Among fans of multiplayer games, hot-tempered and negative people typically come across. With their phrases addressed to other players, they can not only ruin the mood, but also distract from your goal – to improve skills.

Almost every community has its own beliefs that some heroes, weapons, or abilities are unworthy of a self-respecting gamer. For example, some Apex Legends fans refer to the Spitfire machine gun this way, and some CS: GO players refer to the P90 submachine gun.

Don’t overlook these stereotypes. Play as those heroes that you like and choose the weapon that you like. If your methods do not break the rules of the game and work, then there is no reason to abandon them.

10. Remember to have fun.

First, multiplayer games are needed for entertainment and recreation. Many players forget about this and begin to attach too much importance to victories. They stop having fun and get very angry when they can’t win.

This is not worth doing. Of course, the skill of the game can be improved even when the process is not fun. However, if you are not trying to get into e-sports, then, it turns out, of your own free will wasting time on a thing that only causes you negativity.

Therefore, if suddenly you feel that the fun has disappeared from the game, then pause for a few days. Your skill may suffer a little from the interruption, but the emotional state will improve. And you can enjoy your favorite project again.


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